OSCP Preparation in 3 simple steps

Updated: Feb 22

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably thinking about how to prepare for OSCP.

No problem I am going to share the methodology which works.

Purpose of writing this blog

I have seen many posts, blogs where people say

"I did this course, I did that course but still, I failed in OSCP exam"

I believe there are few reasons for their failures in general ->

  • They enrolled in the PWK course before clearing the basics.

  • They did not practice in a right way

  • They were stuck somewhere/at some point in between the exam.

Also, I want to mention that many of our friends/bloggers suggest some additional courses which can help aspirants in their preparation for the exam but in the end, all you need to practice is a CTF.

Then why don't we practice only CTF machines which can prepare us for the OSCP exam?

In the steps mentioned below, you'll be solving different machines from different platforms.

[1] Practice CTF on PG Play.

PG Play is build by Offensive Security itself and its free.

Now I would suggest everyone to pwn at least 10 WARM-UP, 10 GET TO WORK, 5 TRY HARDER machines.

No need to worry if you are stuck somewhere, they also provide a detailed walkthrough for every machine listed here and you can also get many walkthroughs on google regarding that machine because these are vulnhub machines as vulnhub is an Offensive Security's platform.

[2] OSCP Preparation machines from HackTheBox.

We have a pretty good chart of HTB machines to practice for OSCP.

These are the retired machines of HackTheBox. To access those machines you have to buy a VIP subscription of HackTheBox that will cost you around $10 for a month. And one month is enough to practice on all the above mentioned machines.

I recommend you to practice al least 22 boxes from this list.

For walkthroughs i highly recommend Ippsec's youtube videos.

If you want straight forward walkthroughs watch our youtube videos.

[3] Buffer Overflow practice TCM & TryHackMe

For those who feel like they don't know anything or even know about Buffer Overflow this will help you definitely for OSCP exam.

-> Now if you have never tried buffer overflow and don't know about it then start learning buffer overflow from TCM

Thanks to Heath Adams who really made buffer overflow easy with this series.

-> If you are aware of Buffer Overflow and know what it is then get into TryHackMe room of buffer prep.

Thanks to Tib3rius for making this free room for OSCP buffer overflow Preperation.

If you don't know how to start with this TryHackMe room.

Tib3rius also made a tuitorial video for this. Click here to watch the video.

More practice is good and TryHackMe's room by Tib3rius is more than enough for Buffer overflow for OSCP exam.

If you face any issue TryHackMe's vpn then you can download vulnerable apps from my github and practice on them on your local machine.

Don't Forget to Take Notes of Everything You Learn

Click Here to watch a dedicated video on How to take notes for OSCP.

You will thank me in exam for this.

Thats it.

If you followed all three steps mean now you are ready to enroll in PWK course.

Thanks for your time.

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